Tutorial: Felt Reindeer Ornament

Follow my step by step tutorial to make these lovely little felt reindeer. The pattern is so sweet, these characterful little fellows will be perfect homemade ornaments for your tree. Festive felt tree decorations don’t come cuter than this!

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Now, some of the pieces in this pattern are quite small so, if you are a beginner sewer, this one might be a bit fiddly. But don’t worry! If its easier, you can always draw round the templates directly onto the felt rather than pinning. Or find a photocopier to enlarge the pattern if you’d prefer (they’ll still be just as sweet!)

You will need:

  • Brown felt
  • Light brown or cream felt
  • A tiny piece of red felt (for his nose!)
  • A tiny piece of white felt (for his eyes)
  • Brown embroidery floss*
  • Light brown or cream embroidery floss* (to match your felt)
  • Red embroidery floss*
  • Black embroidery floss*
  • White embroidery floss*
  • Thin ribbon (approximately 12cm per reindeer)
  • Tapestry needle (the eye needs to be big enough to thread your ribbon)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors and pins
  • Pencil

*use two strands of embroidery floss throughout or use Perle cotton.

  1. Cut out the pattern pieces. You will need:
  • 1 back piece in brown felt
  • 1 body in brown felt
  • 1 head in brown felt
  • 2 feet in brown felt
  • 1 snout in light brown or cream felt
  • 2 antlers in light brown or cream felt
  • 1 nose in red felt
  • 2 eyes in white felt
  • Cut out the pupil from paper to use as a template

2. Pin and stitch the antlers to the back piece using a tiny blanket stitch.

3. Pin and sew the feet to the body using a small running stitch.

4. Pin and stitch the nose to the snout.

5. Use a few small back stitches to sew a smile under the nose.

6. Pin the snout to the head and, at the same time, pin the head to the body. Collectively, this makes up the front of your reindeer, which you will be sewing to the back piece. However, do take a moment to make sure the front and back pieces line up, and adjust the position of the head on the body as needed before moving to the next step.

7. When you are happy everything lines up, use a small running stitch to sew the snout to the head, at the same time sewing the head to the body.

8. It may look a bit alarming, but now you need to pin the white eyes in place.

9. Use a small running stitch to sew the eyes in place.

10. Use a pencil to draw around the pupil template you cut out earlier. It can be tricky to make a satisfying mark on the felt, but its just to give you an idea of the shape. Then use a running stitch to outline the pupils in black thread – this will give you a line to work to in the next step.

11. Use satin stitch to fill in the black pupils.

12. Pin the front piece to your back body piece – this is why it was important to take your time lining everything up back in step 6. Secure with a blanket stitch all around the edge of your reindeer (use a single blanket stitch to straddle each of the antlers).

13. Use a tapestry needle to thread the ribbon through a blanket stitch at the top of the head.

14. Tie the ends in a knot to make a loop and your little felt reindeer will be finished!

He’s a cutie isn’t he! Make a little collection to hang or your tree, or create your very own reindeer garland. Swith to black felt for the noses if you want just one Rudolf for your collection (remember, there’s still Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen to go!)

And here’s a handy pin to save for later – thank you!