If you agree with any (or all) of these statements, then it will be most worth you reading on…

  • You can never have enough fabric.
  • A haberdashery is your happy place.
  • You love/would love to be able to make your own clothes.
  • Sewing gifts for loved ones is one of your greatest pleasures.
  • A house isn’t a home until you fill it with beautiful, handmade things.
  • You have an unfathomable need to collect buttons in jars (or tins, preferably really pretty ones).
  • Sewing is one of the simple pleasures in life (along with tea and cake).

If you love to sew, then this site was made for you, and I wish you the warmest welcome. Because, my friend, sewing is an absolute passion of mine, and it brings me the greatest pleasure to connect with other like-mined enthusiasts.

Launched in 2017 as a means of sharing over 30 years experience of sewing, this site is intended as a little haven of happiness for those who love to sew.  My mind is generally a-buzz with ideas for projects to make for my lovely daughters, my Lincolnshire home, or my friends and family, and I love being able to share them all through this site.  So whether you are a beginner, an improver, or have tonnes of sewing experience, you’ll hopefully find a little bit of inspiration for your next sewing project.

When I’m browsing crafty sites on the internet, I know I value good sewing advice, top tips for making my sewing life easier, reviews of great sewing-related stuff, and lots and lots of inspiration. And this is exactly what I set out to achieve in my blog…I hope you find it does exactly that.

I’ve been sewing since I was a child, and used to delight in the fabric scraps and buttons in my mum’s sewing box. That delight has never left me (if you’re still reading, I know you can relate!) Nothing brings me more pleasure than when I’m creating something new, and all these years later whether it be dress-making or hand embroidery, making homeware or toys for my lovely little girl, my love of sewing continues to grow. So this blog gives me a much-needed outlet for the many ideas that bubble to the surface of my mind each day (honestly, I have a note book to hand at all times for just this reason).


I also launched my Creative Sewing Challenge through this blog as a means of keeping myself inspired, and I invite others to take part too.  By signing up below, you’ll receive a creative prompt each month to inspire your sewing, along with some free tutorials and patterns along the way.

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Creative Sewing Challenge

Thanks, and happy sewing everyone! Amy x