Tutorial: Felt Bird Ornament

These little felt ornaments are inspired by scandi-style birds, and are an absolute delight to make. Choose whatever colours and stitches you would like to use to create a collection of birds completely unique to you and your Christmas style.

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You will need:

  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Red embroidery floss*
  • White embroidery floss*
  • Navy of black embroidery floss*
  • Optional – jingly bell
  • Scissors and pins
  1. Cut out the pattern pieces. You will need two bird pieces in red, and 1 pocket piece in white.

2. Use red embroidery floss to decorate your pocket. Anything goes here, you can choose whatever stitches you fancy. I started with a laced running stitch…

3. Then a row of french knots…

4. Then a row of feather stitch (love doing this one!)…

5. A row of split stitch…

6. Another row of french knots…

7. And a final row of laced running stitch for symmetry…

8. When you are happy with your stitches, pin your pocket to one of your bird pieces. You may want to have the pocket sitting upright, but I quite liked mine at a slight angle (looked a bit more wing-like). Just make sure your pocket doesn’t lean too far over, otherwise it might loose its ‘pocketness’ and your sweets will fall out.

9. Use a running stitch to sew your pocket in place.

10. Use a french knot to make an eye.

11. Now use white thread to embroider a pattern on your bird’s breast. Again, you can choose your favourite stitches here. I opted for alternating split stitch and french knots.

12. Now embroider the tail. I repeated the split stitch and french knot pattern from the previous step.

13. Pin the front and back pieces wrong side together and sew using a blanket stitch.

14. Use a tapestry needle to thread a piece of ribbon through a blanket stitch at the neck of your bird. You might need to experiment with where exactly to put your ribbon to ensure your bird hangs nicely.

15. If you want to, you can thread a jingly bell onto your ribbon just to add another touch of festiveness. Then tie a knot in your ribbon to create a loop for hanging.

If you plan to make a number of these little birds, its a really nice touch to reverse the colours – here’s one I made in white with red stitches.

But you can choose whatever colours you fancy. And you can easily turn these individual ornaments into a garland or, if you make 24, an advent calendar full of sweets and treats in each little pocket. I loved making these, I hope you do too.

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And here’s a handy pin for later…thank you for sharing. Tomorrow is the last day of my week of felt Christmas tutorials…hint, he has a very red nose!