Sewing Tutorial: Lazy Daisy Boudoir Pillow Case

The theme for my Creative Sewing Challenge this month was ‘Lazy Daisy’. I decided to interpret this one literally, and so came up with a lovely applique daisy design, added to a patchwork pillow case. Read on to follow the tutorial; I created an envelop pillow case which is perfect for beginner sewists as it doesn’t involve zips. Excuse the erratic measurements, I wanted a quirky a-symmetrical look to this one!

And if you want to find out more about the Creative Sewing Challenge, you can do so here.

You will need:

  • Ditsy floral fabric
  • Bright, bold fabric
  • Plain, pale fabric
  • Small scrap of yellow fabric
  • Small pieces of white fabric
  • Yellow and white embroidery floss
  • Double-sided adhesive stabilizer (such as bondaweb)
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Pins
  • Pencil

This tutorial is suitable for a boudoir pillow approximately 50cm by 30cm. The fabric pieces need to be cut as follows:

Ditsy fabric:

  • 9cm by 20cm (x2) – A
  • 10.5cm by 30.5cm (x1) – C
  • 11cm by 30.5cm (x1) – D
  • 36cm by 30.5cm (x1) – G

Bright, bold fabric:

  • 15.5cm by 20cm (x1) – B
  • 7cm by 30.5cm (x1) – F

Plain, pale fabric:

  • 11cm by 30.5cm (x1) – E
  • 30cm by 30.5cm (x1) – H

Use a 1cm seam allowance throughout.

Join ditsy fabric pieces A to bright, bold fabric piece B.

Sew ditsy fabric pieces C and D to each side.

Join plain fabric piece E, and then bright fabric piece F. This creates the front of your pillow case.

Using bondaweb, cut out 8 petals in white fabric, and 1 circle in yellow fabric. Then iron and stitch in place to make a daisy in the middle of fabric piece B. For a detailed tutorial on how to applique by hand, see my tutorial here.

Fold and press one short edge of fabric pieces G and H, by 1cm and then 1cm again. Top stitch in place.

Lay fabric piece G on top of the front of your pillow, right sides together.

Now lay fabric piece H on top of both of these pieces, again right sides together.

Pin in place and sew all around the edge of your pillow case. Turn right side out and press. The back of your pillow case will look like this, and the pillow can be inserted in the envelope gap you have created.

And your pillow case is complete! A lovely eye-catching addition for your bed; sweet and simple just like the daisies that inspired this make.

Don’t forget, anyone is welcome to be part of the Creative Sewing Challenge. You get a new prompt emailed to you each month, along with lots of ideas and tutorials like this one to help inspire your sewing. Free, fun and open to anyone. Find out more here or sigh up below.

And here’s a handy pin for later…