Really Simple Christmas Crafts for Younger Toddlers: Part 3, Peek-a-Boo Christmas Cards

This week I’m sharing a new activity each day that younger toddlers can enjoy over the Christmas holidays.  Whilst I love lots of the creative activities out there designed for the under 5s, I do find quite a lot of them are still beyond the particular developmental stage of my daughter right now, so I’ve come up with a few ideas of my own, tried and tested by my very own little angel.



You will need:

  • Some shiny, sparkly card.  Something a bit eye-catching and festive.  However, it must be plain on one side
  • Your choice of art materials: paint, crayons, felt-tips, colouring pencils (or a combination of all of these)
  • A tree biscuit/cookie cutter (or other festive shape) and a pen
  • A sharp knife, and a surface suitable for cutting on

The activity

This one is really simple!  Turn the card over to the plain side, put out your selection of art materials, and let your little one create to their heart’s content!


To finish (again, no kids involved in this bit)

Fold the card in half so the drawings are on the inside.  Pick a particularly eye-catching part of their creation, and pin-point a space directly opposite it.  Place your biscuit/cookie cutter shape here, and draw around the shape.  Use your sharp knife to cut out this out.  The idea is that your child’s picture will peek through the whole you’ve just created.  I found a Christmas tree shape was particularly suitable here, my daughter’s lovely work peeping through created the affect of being decorated by lights and ornaments.


I hope you have the chance to try this out.  If you give it a go, please do share using the social media buttons at the start of the article, and follow my Creative Activities for Toddlers Pinterest board, I’ll be adding more pins very soon.

Join me tomorrow for some pretty heart-charms!  And if you haven’t already, check the other posts so far this week; Twinkle Star Wrapping Paper and Cinnamon Spice Tree Decorations