Tutorial: Felt Tree Ornament

These little felt tree decorations are so simple to make, you could have a whole collection in just a couple of evenings. Choose the felt and buttons that fit your desired colour scheme, you’ll soon have a Christmas tree full of tiny Christmas trees!

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Now onto the tutorial! You will need:

  • Green felt
  • Brown felt
  • Green embroidery floss*
  • Brown embroidery floss*
  • Embroidery needle
  • Small, colourful buttons (including a tiny star if possible)
  • Brown gardening string (approximately 12cm per tree)
  • Tapestry needle (the eye needs to be big enough to thread your brown string)
  • Scissors and pins

*use two strands of embroidery floss throughout, or try Perle cotton.

  1. Cut out the pattern pieces. You’ll need two of everything; use green felt for the tree pieces and brown felt for the trunk.

2. Pin the bottom and middle tree pieces together as follows – they need to overlap by about 5mm.

3. Use green thread and tiny running stitches to sew these pieces together.

4. Now repeat this process for the top triangle of the tree; overlap the middle piece by 5mm, pin and then sew in place.

5. Pin and sew the trunk to the bottom of the tree.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 with the remaining felt pieces, making sure that the front and back of your tree line up before sewing them in place.

7. Sew some colourful buttons to one of your trees to make baubles.

8. Pin the front and back pieces, wrong sides together.

9. Use a small running stitch to sew along one side of the tree edge using green thread. Start and the bottom near the trunk, and work your way up to the very top.

10. Sew a tiny star button to the very top of the tree.

11. Continue your running stitch all the way down to the bottom of the tree, stopping by the edge of the trunk.

12. Switch to brown thread, and sew a running stitch all the way round the edge of the trunk.

13. Use a tapestry needle to thread some brown gardening string through the top of your tree.

14. Tie the ends together in a knot to make a loop for hanging, and you will have your finished tree ornament.

You can always switch the buttons for some embroidered decorations; chain stitch or laced running stitch would make lovely tinsel, and stars or french knots could work as baubles. And there is nothing to stop you using different coloured felt to tie in with any themes you may have – Christmas trees now come in every colour imaginable, including black.

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