Tutorial: make a felt owl

This felt owl is a little cutie! He’s also a chance to develop your hand embroidery; you can use all manner of stitches to decorate his tummy, making him completely unique to you and your imagination. Download the free pattern and follow the steps below to make one all of your very own.

You will need:

  • Different coloured felt including black and white for the eyes
  • Different coloured embroidery floss including black and white for the eyes
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Toy stuffing

Cut out the pattern pieces, you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces for the body in a bright colour
  • 1 piece for the tummy
  • 2 large white circles for the eyes
  • 2 small black circles for the pupils
  • 1 beak cut out in paper (you’ll be using this to draw around)

Pin the tummy to the body. Use 2 strands of embroidery floss and sew in place using a small running stitch.

Pin the white circles in place for the eyes. When you are happy with the position secure with a small running stitch using white embroidery thread.

Repeat for the black circles to create pupils.

Make a french knot in each eye using white thread. Draw around the beak template.

Use satin stitch to fill in the beak.

Use your favourite stitches and a variety of colours to embroider the tummy. I started with lazy daisy stitch…

…and then added some french knots…

…and then some split stitch…

…and then some little stars…

Fun! Enjoy this, use whatever stitches appeal to you.

If you intend to use your owl as a decoration and hang him up, you can add a bit of ribbon. Create a small loop and stitch to the back piece of the body, making sure to keep the threads to the inside.

Pin the front and back, wrong sides together, and use a blanket stitch to sew in place. Leave a gap around the bottom for stuffing.

Lightly stuff your owl then close the gap with blanket stitch, and you are all finished!

Your little owl can also be filled with lavender to hang up with your clothes, or without the loop can be a little felt softie. Or why not make a few friends in different colours and create your own owl garland?

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And here is a lovely pin…