Sewing Tutorial: make a simple tissue pouch

Tissue Pouch

To finish my series of activities to help children get into sewing, I’m sharing a very simple tutorial that would be suitable for secondary aged children as well as any beginner sewer. Follow this step by step tutorial to make your own pretty little tissue pouch, and at the same time develop your skills around using a sewing machine, sewing straight lines and securing lace to your work. Its a simple but nicely challenging sewing project for anyone wishing to build their confidence and start making sewn products.

You will need:

  • Pretty fabric (cotton is usually the best)
  • Plain fabric for lining (again, aim for cotton)
  • Vintage-style lace (aim for something quite wide, approximately 1.5cm)
  • Practice fabric (optional)
  • Pencil and paper
  • Ruler
  • Pins and pin cushion
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread that matches your pretty fabric AND the colour of your lace
  • Ironing board and iron

Begin by creating a template with your paper. Draw a square to the size you need; this very much depends on the size and number of tissues you’ll be using in your pouch. I created a square 16cm by 16cm…

…however, you might want to try this out for size with some practice fabric first. This will help you get the perfect size for the pouch you want to create, and is a very good habit to get into for any type of sewing project.

Pin your template to your pretty fabric…

…and trim to the size of the square.

Repeat these steps with your lining fabric.

Now pin your pretty fabric and your lining fabric RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER (this means that any pattern needs to be on the inside).

Turn two of your pins outwards along one side of your square, about 6cm apart. This will serve as a reminder while you are sewing to leave a gap. Begin sewing from the bottom pin, starting with a few stitches and then reversing back over them (for security) before carrying on sewing along each edge…

You need to use a 0.5cm seam allowance, which basically means keep your needle 0.5 cm from the edge of your fabric at all times. Remove your pins as you get to them a pop them in a pin cushion (it helps to keep one by you while you sew).

When you get to a corner, stop approximately 0.5cm from the edge of the fabric. Its then helpful to keep your needle in the fabric…

…lift your presser foot…

…pivot your fabric around so the next edge you wish to sew is in front of you…

…and lower your presser foot again before continuing with your sewing.

Keep going until you get to your second pin (remember, you are leaving a 6cm gap along one side). Finish off your sewing by reverse stitching back over a few stitches, and remove from your sewing machine. Trim the ends of your thread.

Give your stitches a press with the iron, then use the gap you left to turn your fabric through to the right side. Your pattern should now be showing. Give your pouch another press with the iron to make it nice and flat.

Now pin your lace along one edge of the pouch. It doesn’t have to fit perfectly at this stage. Repeat this step on the opposite edge.

Change the thread on your sewing machine to a colour that matches your lace, and change your stitch-type to a zig-zag stitch (this is the best stitch to use for securing lace). Sew a line of zig-zag stitches along each strip of lace.

Trim your pieces of lace so that they are the same length as the tissue pouch…lovely and neat!

Now fold one of the lace edges of your pouch up to the middle and pin in place…

…and fold the other edge down to the middle so that they meet. Again, pin to secure.

Sew each edge of your pouch together, again using a 0.5cm seam. Trim your threads ends and press with the iron.

Turn your tissue pouch the right way out and give it a final press to neaten everything up.

Ta da! A beautiful little tissue pouch that’s nice and handy too. Having made a template, you can now make as many of these as you like; perfect for homemade gifts and wedding favours.

You can choose any types of fabric and lace to create all sorts of different designs. Sweet, simple and fun to make and give.

Tissue Pouch

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