Really Simple Sewing Pattern: Pencil Case

I love this sewing pattern! Its free, very easy to follow, and is a brilliant way to build your confidence attaching zips.

Make Your Own Pencil Case

The tutorial is by Katie from Sweet Verbena, you can find it in this post.  Its a wonderful pattern for beginners, as it introduces you to the basics of quilting, AND gets you sewing a zip, all in a really accessible way.  I highly recommend giving it a go if you are new to either of these things, it will give you a real confidence boost.  Plus you’ll have a delightful little pencil case to use when you are finished (or make-up case, or general bits and bobs carrier – at the moment my toddler loves anything like this for carrying her treasures around, so I may not get much use out of it straight away).


This pencil pouch is made from two 3.5″ x 9.5″ rectangles of fabric.  I always prefer creating paper patterns to follow rather than drawing straight on to fabric.  Mainly because I find it easier in the long run, and then I have the pieces to re-use over and over.  If you feel the same, you can download my pattern template here.  I’m not taking any credit for the design, it’ll just save you a job drawing out your own.

I did a really simple bit of quilting doing diagonal lines (very therapeutic sewing).  If you want to try this too you’ll notice a couple of notches on the pattern piece which you can transfer to your fabric.  Join the two lines together using an air erasable pen and use this as a guide for your first sewn line.  After that, just use the width of the presser foot on your sewing machine to create all other lines.  Its a really easy way of making the pattern evenly spaced, and when you come to sew the pieces together the lines will match up at the seam, creating a lovely herringbone pattern


This project could take as little or as much time as you’d like to give it.  Making the over-all pencil pouch is very straight forward, and then its up to you how intricate you’d like your quilting pattern to be.  This could be a really good project for trying out a more fancy design for the first time (practice makes perfect), or you could keep it really simple and have finished your pencil case in an evening.

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