Really Simple Sewing Pattern: Potholders

A lovely sewing project for beginners, and really you can never have enough potholders in your kitchen!

For me, potholders are like biro pens.  It doesn’t matter how many we have in the house, when I need one, I can never lay my hands on one.  Cue this rather lovely little make by Mary Matha Mama; Easy Peasy Potholders.

I made both of these potholders in under an hour, so this is a great little project to take on in an evening (and still have time to have a cuppa and watch some TV).  The instructions are really clear, with step by step photos to avoid any confusion.

I’ll use these at home, but what a great housewarming gift to make someone, especially if you can track down the perfect fabric to suit friends or family.  If you are new to sewing, or need a quick and easy project for a gift, I highly recommend following the above link and giving it a go.


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