Loving Kindness Sewing Projects

Sewing is such a rewarding hobby, but I’ve recently been curious about how I might be able to be more giving through my sewing; not only in terms of making gifts to give, but whether there are other ways that loving kindness can be spread through the things I make.  Here are some of the sewing projects I discovered that resonated with me on a deeper level.

Bit of Kindess Pouches by SewCanShe


This is a sweet idea to sew and give as a really thoughtful gift.  Make these simple little pouches and fill them with something small and special for a particular person.  A great scrap-buster sewing project, and a special make to show someone you care.

Heart Pot Holder by A Spoonful of Sugar


I thought these beautiful heart-shaped pot-holders were a lovely idea for a new-home gift, or a wonderful handmade present for someone who enjoys spending time in their kitchen.

Charity Bear by Shiny Happy World


How cute is this little guy?!  This bear pattern was created by Shiny Happy World especially for anyone who wants to make soft toys to donate to a good cause.  Its free to download and is simple to follow; if you know of organisations that would welcome handmade toy donations, this may be one for you.

Sew a Donkey for the Donkey Sanctuary


If you read my previous post ‘5 charities that need your sewing skills’ , you’ll know that you can download a pattern from the Donkey Sanctuary to make felt ornaments for them to sell in their on-line shop.  I recently had a go at this, check out my blog post here to find out more.

Hand sewn postcard by Quilted Cat


This tutorial shows you how to create a fabric postcard that you can send in the post just like any other.  What a lovely and unusual way to send someone a meaningful message.  It reminded me of the ‘gentle protest’ approach of Craftivism, and could be used in a number of inventive ways to send a message that you feel strongly needs to be heard.

And if you are new to Craftivism, try listening to this podcast by Very Pink featuring an interview with Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective.  Once you get past the wool promotions you’ll get to a really inspiring conversation about how thoughtful, handsewn forms of protest are creating a step-change in the world of activism.

Whether you are giving to someone else, giving to charity, or giving to inspire change in the world, there are many acts of loving kindness that can be achieved through your sewing.  If you feel motivated to get involved in any of these, or know of other projects people may be able to take part in, please do tag me on instagram @amylovestosew as I would love to hear about it.  And feel free to spread the word by sharing my pin below, thank you…

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