Free Embroidery Pattern: Heart of Hope

This is the last of three embroidery patterns I have been working on during our latest UK lockdown. My little Heart of Hope was stitched in anticipation of better days to come, helping to keep all the worries and woes at bay during this unsettling time. You can download the pattern below for free, its a sweet little project that can be completed in an evening or two. This week I have also released my ‘Alice in Wonderland Quote‘ and my ‘Stay Home Stay Cosy‘ hoop; together they make a nice stitched momento of these strange and unprecedented times.

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This pattern uses a 3 inch embroidery hoop.

Transfer the design using your preferred method. I used trace and tear, but I wouldn’t recommend that here as it was very fiddly removing the paper from all the tiny details! You can find out about other ways to transfer embroidery patterns by reading this blog post.

Its important to begin by stitching the outline of the heart using a small backstitch. Most of this will be covered up by flowers and leaves, but its nice to have the heart shape showing through the gaps.

The next step is to do the lettering, because again there is a tiny bit of overlap with the flowers. I chose to use chain stitch and back stitch to make the words look italic. However, you could use just one of these, or split stitch.

Following that, its up to you what you do next. I used woven wheel stitch for the flowers…

…and fishbone stitch for the leaves.

And then it was finished! Because this is such a tiny hoop, it can be done in no time at all. But it carries a sentiment that is big and strong…hope.

This design sits really nicely along side my Alice in Wonderland hoop and my Stay Cosy hoop. Together they represent some of the mixed feelings we are all sharing right now. I hope they bring you much joy to make.

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