Free Embroidery Pattern: Feather Hoop Art

Download this free embroidery pattern to create your very own Feather Hoop Art. You can transfer either or both feathers, depending on your preference. You can fill the sections as I have done, or simply embroider the outline for a simple but striking affect. The choice of colours and stitches is entirely yours, or you can read on to find out more about how I used the pattern.

This embroidery design was created for World Mental Health Day, as part of my Creative Sewing Challenge. I wanted to make a pattern that could be sewn little by little every day, to foster a sense of calm and creative tranquility. Sewing can be a process that cultivates mindfulness through every stitch, and feathers a symbol of hope, peace and spiritual guidance for so many. I hope, however you interpret this pattern, that it serves to support you in some way.

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My approach…

I used a 19cm (7.5″) hoop.

The fabric is Zweigart 28 count Cashel linen – raw.

And I just used a combination of the following three stitches:

  • Satin stitch – to fill the sections of the feather
  • Split stitch – to edge each of the sections
  • Back stitch – for the wispy little strands at the bottom

I also kept it simple with thread colours, using only four different beige-brown colours, reserving the darkest to edge all the shapes. But it could work equally well with a completely different choice of thread; for example tones of purples, whites or reds, or a whole array of rainbow colours.

Here’s some step by step photos of my process if its helpful…

Satin stitch
Split stitch and back stitch
Before and after split stitch edging
The finished piece!

However you decide to use this download, have fun with what you do (and feel free to tag me om Instagram @amylovestosew to share your sewing, I’d love to see how it turns out).

Don’t forget, you are most welcome to join my Creative Sewing Challenge, and here’s a lovely pin for a rainy day. Happy sewing everyone, take care of yourselves always.