Easy Tutorials To Help You Get Into Sewing

If you are new to sewing and not too sure where to start, there are loads of great tutorials out there that are ideal for beginner sewers.  Simple steps, clear instructions and useful pictures can all help build your confidence, and before you know it you’ll be sewing all manner of exciting projects.  Here are a few tutorials I’ve found along the way that I think are great for people just starting out with sewing, or returning after a bit of a break.

This Wash Cloth Soap Holder tutorial by Happiest Camper Homestead is a really simple project if you are brand new to sewing and using your machine for the first time.  All you need is a wash cloth, some scissors, and a small piece of cotton.  With a simple line of sewing, you can create a little bag for your soap, and in turn a really cute handmade gift (especially if teamed up with some handmade soap).

To take your sewing skills up a notch from this, try these Five-Minute Fabric Bags by Loganberry Handmade.  They only require fairly small rectangles of fabric (you can make them in two sizes) and some ribbon.  Once again, with a few straight lines of sewing you can make these really cute bags that are ideal for using as gifts.

If you want to take a first step towards making clothes, try this 20 Minute Basic Band Skirt Tutorial from raegun ramblings.  Building sewing straight lines, it also takes you through how to work how what amount of fabric you’ll need, and teaches you how to make a channel for an elastic waistband.  A really simple skirt to make for children.

This lovely Charmed Pencil Pouch Tutorial by Sweet Verbena is one I’ve reviewed previously on my blog (check out the full post here).  Its a really great introduction to inserting a zip (trust me, it is really easy to follow) and also basic quilting.  If you are nervous of sewing in zips, this one really is worth a look to get you over than first hurdle of giving it a go; you’ll be left feeling super confident in your sewing skills (and you’ll have a really handy little pencil case to use and feel proud of).

As you build your confidence from ‘beginner’ to ‘starting to get the hang of this’, try this Easy Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial by Diary of a Quilter.  It shows you step by step how to make a lined tote bag, and then adds a further variation with some shaping and decorative finishes.  So its really two tutorials in one, and will leave you with a very satisfied feeling every time you shop.

Whatever your approach when you first start sewing, remember to start out slowly to master the basics in order to get to where you really want to be (you’ll be doing couture finishes before you know it).  My post ‘10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Sewing‘ might also have some handy hints to help you along your way.  I’m sure you are on a path for a lifetime’s worth of enjoyment.

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