8 Reasons You Should Transfer Your Sewing Patterns

Exciting as it is to buy a new dressmaking pattern, and keen as we always are to just get sewing, it always pays to take some time to transfer your pattern onto a separate piece of paper first. Yes, it delays the point at which you can start sewing (never an appealing thought), but you will benefit in the long-run. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more.

  1. Most people’s size and shape changes over time (mine certainly has!) but a well-fitting outfit can be timeless. By transferring your pattern, you can keep the original in perfect condition and keep coming back to it again and again.
  2. You can use your pattern to make clothes for other people. By having the original in tact, you can trace off any size you want, as often as you want.
  3. A lot of patterns are printed on tissue paper, which can easily tear and be fiddly to work with. Transferring to something a bit more robust can make some of your dressmaking easier.
  4. Some patterns have instructions printed on parts of them. Transferring means there is no danger of cutting into them.
  5. It can be easier to follow as you’ll only have one set of markings to follow; those that relate to you alone.
  6. It can be easier to store. Again, the flimsiness of some patterns makes them prone to much creasing in between use, leaving them a bit more crumpled each time you try to use them. More robust paper can stand up to long stretches of time being packed away, or you can find alternative ways of storing them (I used to hang mine with clip coat hangers on a rail).
  7. If you fall in love with a pattern, you’ll want it to last and last.
  8. You’ll feel super virtuous and organised!

If you find yourself converted but not sure how exactly to get your patterns onto a separate piece of paper, check out my post ‘How to Transfer Dressmaking Patterns‘ to find out my approach.

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