15 Hygge Inspired Sewing Projects

The prompt for my Creative Sewing Challenge this month is hygge.  These cold winter days have left me yearning for some comfort and contentedness, so ‘hygge’ felt the perfect fit for a theme to work to.  And whilst I do not pretend to have grasped the subtleties of what is a cultural identity and way of life, I have enjoyed researching into the mindset and practices that a hygge-inspired lifestyle can bring about.  And in turn, I have found a few sewing projects that I think could play a part in creating a sense of wellbeing, of celebrating the everyday, and adopting a relaxed and joyful way of living.  Cosy up with a cuppa and read on to find out more…

“For many Danes hygge is something you strive for.  Its like a compass, steering us towards small moments that money cannot buy you, finding the magic in the ordinary”

Marie Tourell Soderberg

Maintain a minimal and organised environment

Sew some calm and order into your environment by making these fabric scrap baskets by DIY Danielle, or these hanging storage baskets by Sew Can She.

Bring the outside inside

This lovely tutorial by Heart and Vine will show you how to create beautiful leaf printed cushions, a gentle and inspiring way to reflect the natural world in your home.


Create an environment of cosiness and comfort

Upcycle an old jumper into a cushion by following this tutorial by Country Living, choose some lovely calming colours to create this simple envelope cushion by Seasoned Homemaker, or sew one of the warm home-made blankets in this post by Make it Coats.

“I think that with a sharp mind and a little hygge every day, you can live a happy life in spite of what is throws at you”

Anna Elizabeth Grange (92)

Snuggle up with a good book and a hot drink

Try making a mug cosy for your favourite mug, like these pretty little examples by Lil Luna, or make this patchwork cozy for your french press (or cafetiere) by Craft Stylish.  And this leaf- inspired mug rug from Quilting Digest is just beautiful.

Bundle up for a long walk

Keep yourself warm on your next outdoor hike by making these felted wool wrist warmers by Purl Soho, or these lavender-scented hand warmers by The Mummy Front.  And this post by Polkadot Chair includes over 25 different scarf tutorials to choose from.

Enjoy slow-cooked comfort food

Make these lovely circle potholders by We All Sew for your next pot of stew, or these pretty little potholders by Nana Company (and they really are so pretty!)


If you are drawn to the simple pleasure of kneading dough and making fresh bread, try out this tutorial by The Hearty Home to make one of those fabulous Japanese-style aprons.


Bring family and friends together

If you are planning to bring loved ones together for a shared meal, these tortilla warmers by This Autoimmune Life would be a great addition to a big bowl of chilli.  Or try out my own Harvest-Inspired Table Mat to serve up those fabulously big sharing dishes.

And there you go; a collection of lovely sewing projects to help you have more more hygge, help create a huggelig home, and to enjoy more hyggelig moments in your life (after all, crafts such as sewing also come under the hygge banner of being good for the mind and soul – I wholeheartedly agree).  And whilst I cannot claim to be an expert on hygge after writing this post, I find myself most definitely inspired, which is what my Creative Sewing Challenge is all about.  If you’d like to take part, its simple and free.  Just sign up and begin receiving the monthly sewing prompt straight into your inbox.  I also keep you updated with some thoughts and ideas tied to each month’s theme, and release a regular free sewing tutorial too.  Find out more by clicking here or sign up below:

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