10 Ways to Make Felt Flowers

Felt is lovely. Flowers are lovely. Bring the two together and what have you got? An abundance of possibilities for making beautiful floral embellishments for your sewing projects (or simply for the joy of it). Here is a collection of some lovely tutorials by lovely bloggers showing you how to make felt flowers in simple and stunning ways. Enjoy!

Here is a Super Easy Felt Poppy tutorial by Casa Costello.

For a sweet and simple design try How to Make Felt Flowers by Wildflower Felt Designs.

Try How to Make a Rose Out of Felt by How Joyful…

…and this Daisy Pattern tutorial, also by How Joyful

How to Make Simple Felt Flowers by Rainbow’s Crafts and Creations is a 3-in-1 tutorial showing you how to make these three little lovelies.

DIY Felt Flowers by Pumora is a quick how-to with the added inspiration of turning your flowers into hair accessories.

And this Felt Pansies Tutorial by Grace’s Favours Craft Adventures doubles-up as a beautiful little bookmark.

How to Make Folded Felt Flowers by Apple Green Cottage is another easy-to-follow general flower tutorial.

Whereas Melly Sews shows you How to Make a Felt Peony

And to finish, another generic Easy Felt Flowers Tutorial by Rebecca Page.

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And here is a handy pin to save for a rainy day when you have an urge to make beautiful things with felt.