10 Trick or Treat Bag Tutorials

It’s that time of year again when people start gearing up for all the autumn / winter traditions and celebrations that now lie ahead. The first of which being Halloween. And whilst usual trick or treating practices may be suspended due to these COVID-crazy times we are currently living through, its quite possible your neighbourhood, like ours, has found a work-around so that children can still enjoy getting involved. So this year we will be spotting pumpkin pictures posted in windows by local residents, and each ‘spot’ will be rewarded with a sweet. Hence we will be needing a fit-for-purpose trick or treat bag to collect the goodies. Read on to discover 10 lovely and diverse free patterns to inspire you to make something super unique this year.

Grab some spooky fabric designs and make these sweet and simple bags by Jennie Masterson.

Or go for this cute Black Cat design by Sweet Briar Sisters.

Here’s a great tutorial for drawstring bags by Gluesticks – perfect if you are expecting a particularly large haul of goodies this year!

Or how about this fabulous Monster design by Shiny Happy World.

I am loving these buckets by Polka Dot Chair.

Or how about something completely different like this shark, found on Craft Gossip.

For something a bit more traditional, how about this embellished design, which can also be found on Craft Gossip.

And how sweet is this bat by We All Sew.

For a different shape altogether, check out this candy corn bag by Deb’s Days.

And to finish here’s a sophisticated little number, resplendent with funky little pom poms, by Orange Betty.

Or, to include a picture designed by your children as part of your bag, check out my own tutorial here.

However you are celebrating Halloween this year, enjoy creating your own unique trick or treat bags, have fun (and stay safe).

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