Join the Creative Sewing Challenge

Do you ever find yourself in need of a bit of inspiration to kick-start a new sewing project?  I came up with the Creative Sewing Challenge as a way of doing just that.  I use a single prompt each month to inspire my sewing; whether it be a choice of fabric or colour-scheme, through to a whole new idea for a project, it gives me a starting point to generate ideas and give me a focus to be creative (something I find hard to do as a working mum!)

So I thought I’d share the idea with anyone who follows my blog, and invite you to join me.  Sign up to receive a new prompt each month, delivered directly to your inbox.  We’ll all be using the same prompt, but I suspect will respond in many and different ways; which is the joy of sharing this sort of thing.

All types of sewing levels and abilities are welcome; you could be a beginner dressmaker or an experienced quilter, a newbie to hand embroidery or a professional textile artist.  Whatever your interest in sewing, this challenge is a way of generating ideas, setting yourself a fun challenge, and connecting with other enthusiasts along the way.

You’ll also get regular links to ideas, free patterns and tutorials.

So take a moment to sign up, it would be great to share the challenge with anyone who loves to sew as much as I do.

And feel free to share my pin on Pinterest to help spread the word – thank you!